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Greetings Palm Springs Homeowners and Vacationers,


PHM Homes is a small company serving a handful of fine homes in the Palm Springs area. We feel that PHM can be tremendous asset to your property by providing a level of service that few companies can match.  This is because we will be catering to only a few choice properties that show pride of ownership, and should be represented by a fellow proud home owner. You could think of it as an exclusive, ‘boutique style’ property service. Owners basically want their renters pampered, while having piece of mind, knowing their home will be in excellent condition when they return to it.  This is where we have carved our niche.


luxurious and well appointed interiors

This business has somewhat manifested itself from the feedback and requests we've received from property owners outside (and many nearby) the Coachella Valley. 

stunning properties
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Preparing for guests arrival with little extras that guests always remember:  a fresh blooming orchid, bottle of Champagne, fresh fruit, specialty soaps and so on. We always provide a personal welcome to make guests feel at home and also to go over any specific instructions.

All specifics, facts, rules, and contact info will be nicely printed and placed throughout the home.  We arrange all cleaning services.  We have a collected a small 'on-hand' staff that is affordable, yet impeccable with detail and sanitary. We are fortunate enough to know repair personnel in many fields, from the smallest leak to remolding jobs, and at very affordable prices.

We are always available to provide a concierge service, recommend restaurants, theaters, and attractions. This is an intimate and personal, hands-on service that for many people will be a luxury. All at a lower price than any Major Property Management company, while generating the most revenue out of your rental property.

always beautifully maintained and kept

Personal Property Hosting - This includes all of the above services. This is for the owner who already has a handle on their customer base and only needs someone to oversee the property and attend to any of the guests needs. 




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